The team at Green eBooks not only has experience in the eBook market but also understands what it takes to create a book that is publishable quality throughout various steps of the writing, editing, marketing and design process.

If you need help with other services, Green eBooks can provide these for you through industry professional partners. Here are additional publishing services we offer:


1. Face it: People DO judge a book by its cover. So, why would you want one that isn’t attractive? This is important even in the eBook world.
Cost: $200


2. Who wants to read a book with  plenty of errors? It doesn’t matter whether it’s in print or on screen, readers don’t want to trudge through a litany of  grammar and spelling errors.
Up to 30K words: $200
30K to 60K words: $300
60K to 100K words: $500
Over 100K: Call for pricing


3. Want to make sure your writing is high quality? If so, you will need an editor who will go through your manuscript line by line. While this might be scarier than the red ink your teacher used on your papers in school, it’s well worth it to have a professional editor shape up your writing to publishable quality.
Up to 30K words: $300
30K to 60K words: $500
60K to 100K words: $650
Over 100K: Call for pricing


4. If you want to get your book into any retail distribution outlet online or in any mobile device, you need an International Standard Book Number (ISBN).
Cost: $60


5. If you want to control all your hosting accounts but don’t want to go through the hassle of setting it all up, let us do it for you. We will get your hosting accounts with Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Kobo and Smashwords set up to receive direct deposits. And let the games begin!
Cost: $500


6. You might have written the next Harry Potter series, but if nobody knows about it, it does you no good. A book is only as good as its story. Book sales are only as good as a book’s story … and its publicist. Let us help you set up a marketing plan that includes blog tours, reviews, Facebook fan page set up, and blog set up among many other things.
Call for pricing

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