E-Book: Myth vs. Fact

Like the legend of Sasquatch or the Loch Ness monster, people have a tendency to create entire myths around something they’ve never seen or studied. That’s why our team here at Green eBooks wants to sort through all the eBook myths and give you just the facts.

Myth #1: I need 18 different formats to get my book into every eBook distribution point.
The truth is you really only need about four formats to cover all the various platforms out there today in the eReader world.

Myth #2: I can convert an eBook on my own.
You can, but unfortunately it’s probably not going to be the quality readers these days expect–and in the viral world in which we live, it can only take one bad review to scuttle you to the back of the up-and-coming writer cue.

Myth #3: You need to turn your book into an “App.”
Fact: Just because you hear the word “app” doesn’t always mean your book truly is an “app.” Some companies claim to convert your book into an “ebook app” for mobile devices, charging you much higher prices when all they’re doing is creating a standard epub format for you.

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