Readerpedia® is a creative way to enhance historical fiction and other novels. At its essence, Readerpedia® is a glossary that is specific to your book and your readers that allows readers to seamlessly navigate between specified words and their definitions that pertain to the story.

If you would like more information on adding Readerpedia® to your next historical fiction novel or any other novel that will require a glossary far beyond what an eReader’s standard dictionary will contain, please contact us for packages and pricing on how to enhance your book with Readerpedia®.


Readerpedia® FAQ

What is Readerpedia®?
Readerpedia® is a creative way to enhance your e-Book. At its essence, Readerpedia® is a glossary that is embedded in your eBook and puts encyclopedia entries within the context of your novel. This allows a reader to navigate seamlessly between specific words and their relevancy to the story. The reader’s experience is enhanced due to the author’s ability to communicate additional information when necessary.

Is it difficult to use?
No, in fact it is quite a natural response by the reader to see a highlighted word and with one touch find the additional information that the author has provided. With another touch (back key) the reader is returned to the main text at the previous location in order to continue reading.  In other words Readerpedia® is one touch out and one touch back. Basically seamless!

Who is Readerpedia® for?
Readerpedia® is for all readers! Everyone knows that uncertain feeling when encountering a person, place or thing in a novel that makes you feel less than intelligent when you have no idea what or who or where it is. Readerpedia® eliminates the mystery by allowing the author to deliver additional information in context to the novel and guarantees the reader is brought along for what might become an important thread within the novel.

Where can we find Readerpedia® eBooks?  
Currently the Wayward Son eBook enjoys the status of being the world’s first and only Readerpedia® and as such is the fastest-selling Readerpedia® of all time. You can find this publishing landmark exclusively at

Why was Readerpedia® developed for this book?
In the novel Wayward Son, the male protagonist travels through ancient times like a biblical Forest Gump. Many of the people he meets are important, well-documented historical characters but many are not. The authors wanted to make sure that the reader was aware that many characters  in the novel were in fact historical figures. The bumping into history became part of the fabric of the novel. Without Readerpedia® there may not have been an awareness or appreciation of the authors’ work.

How does Readerpedia® add to the enjoyment of this novel?
In the case of Wayward Son, Readerpedia® tightens the readers awareness of what is fiction and what is fact. Readerpedia® also prevents the reader from being misled concerning relevant biblical history. Complete definitions of all important characters and events are dealt with within the Readerpedia® entries insuring that the authors’ message is delivered and understood.

What makes Readerpedia® unique?  
For example, in the novel Wayward Son, the protagonist meets the first Pharaoh of Egypt, Menes. When Menes offers him a beer, a question might arise in the readers mind. Did the Egyptians have beer in 3000BC?
The author want you — the reader — to know that Egyptians drank beer but he doesn’t want you putting the book down to cross reference with your laptop. Instead the word “beer” is highlighted and when the reader touches the keyword, the Readerpedia® is activated and the reader finds out that indeed Egyptians made and drank beer 3,000 years ago. With the current technology, a one-touch dictionary will give you a precise definition of beer and an offsite 4- or 5-touch search on the Internet will get you more information than you need or want.

Readerpedia® has the advantage of being in context to the novel for words that the author wants to provide additional information on. It is also embedded within the eBook itself eliminating the need for an offsite search. Rather, a simple one touch reference that is always accessible. On airplanes, at the beach, or in the mountains, the reading experience is unaffected by a bad cell connection or the lack of Wi-Fi. Readerpedia® is fast, customized and embedded making it unique!

How much does Readerpedia® cost?
Presently, Green E-Books is granting licenses for free on a first come first serve basis for a limited time only if you use their reasonably-priced services to install Readerpedia. If you are an independent author or a large publishing house you may register today for your titles.

Why would a large publishing house license Readerpedia®?
Actually a large publisher has the ability to re-release past best sellers, much like a movie being re-released in 3D.  Readerpedia® has the ability to energize old titles and create a giant opportunity for publishers with lots of titles
and fans.

How do I apply for a Readerpedia® license?
See our page on how to obtain a license here.

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